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© 2011 Rising from Tahrir All Rights Reserved
© 2011 Rising from Tahrir All Rights Reserved

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Bassem Yousef on Rising from Tahrir (Arabic)

Video Interview: Hoda Rashad & The Family of Khaled Saeed at Berkley 2012(English)

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Some background...



© 2011 Rising from Tahrir All Rights Reserved


This publication is an independent project aiming to offer a "behind-the-scenes" account of the Egyptian struggle in a quest to illuminate what the country is enduring till our present day. Half of the book's proceeds are channeled towards developmental initiatives in Egypt.


The stories in "Rising From Tahrir" are true stories with heroes that suffered and triumphed in the Egyptian revolution. Egyptians rose in defiance on the 25th of January 2011, and persisted in their efforts, till President Mubarak stepped down.  Since then, they continue to rise up from their past misfortunes to face the immense challenges of a post-revolution Egypt.


The Egyptian revolution was one of those events where you had to be there to fully understand it. Even those who were present—and participated in various ways—tend to come up with differing accounts of what led to it and what happened during and after it.


Rising from Tahrir weaves together ten stories of Egyptian activists, writers, celebrities and regular citizens into a tale of culture, courage and the fight for freedom. The stories are gathered from over 40 hours of recorded conversations, combining the accounts of Film Director/Screenwriter Mohamed Diab, Religious Scholar and TV Host Moez Masoud, Nobel Laureate Dr. Mohamed El Baradei’s Campaign Manager Mostafa El Naggar, Muslim Brotherhood Activist Mohamed Shawky, 6th of April Activist Shahinaz Meshaal, Martyr Khaled Saeed’s mother Layla Marzouk, Group Executive Chairman of Orascom Telecom Khaled Bichara, Baladnaa NGO Executive Director Wael El Zoghby, Co-founder of Deraya Sales Services Mohamed Shafei and Educator/Writer Hoda Rashad.


The goal is to make Egypt’s story accessible to individuals beyond Egypt and the Middle East. This is an opportunity to bring people of diverse backgrounds closer through the sharing of a struggle that most of us can inherently grasp: the struggle for basic human rights.




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Note: Disturbing Images - All references to the USA are in relation to the American government and not the American People


Participate in Egypt's Road to Freedom


Use the menu on the left to read more about the selected causes that this book benefits. You may choose to donate directly to these causes or fill in an application online to volunteer your time in various areas. International volunteers are welcome to participate from their own countries in a variety of fields.