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© 2011 Rising from Tahrir All Rights Reserved
© 2011 Rising from Tahrir All Rights Reserved

Hoda Rashad: With the elections tomorrow, it is a glorious day to be an Egyptian

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    Hoda Rashad (Monday, 21 May 2012 12:41)

    I am proud to be Egyptian and proud of Egypt with the elections tomorrow. This song, for me and my children, is our new national anthem. Within the first two weeks of the revolution, two unknown young Egyptian musicians composed this song and created its video (using the pictures of those freshly fallen) and posted it online. For months I could not listen to it without bursting into tears and brimming with pride. The elections, whether they bring fruitful results or not, are a victory worth celebrating. We no longer shrug and accept things...we no longer believe the solution is in the hands of others. This is how true change happens, when individuals believe in the relevance of their own actions and time spent.