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© 2011 Rising from Tahrir All Rights Reserved
© 2011 Rising from Tahrir All Rights Reserved

"Wi Irmih El Bahr" و ارميه البحر

"Wi Irmih El Bahr" website started when Hoda Rashad and 15 Hayah International Academy students created, that attempts to play a role in showcasing and connecting various charity, developmental and volunteer opportunities in Egypt. The site's main underlying goal is enable students to discover aspects of Civic Engagement through participating in the daily tasks of managing the online functions of the site itself.
Within months of its inception, the American University in Cairo's Gerhart Center for Civic Engagement voluntarily gave "Wi Irmih El Bahr" the framework for a Community Based Learning curriculum, together with free consultation services on how to use it. The site incoporated the goal of promoting the Community Based Learning (CBL) framework on an undergraduate level, to national and international schools in Egypt.
The site could highly benefit from a budget that would enable it to hire at least one, full-time employee to assist in projects that are currently taking place at a very slow pace. Additionally, students who want to volunteer are facing safety issues when it comes to public transportation in these turbulent times. Therefore a company vehicle and driver is an example of a need that would be met by funding.
Recently the site's webmaster became Mr. Ismail Nourel Din who is himself disabled by the disease ALS. Nourel Din continues to work at Irmih el Bahr and manage the website despite being fully paralyzed. He uses a special device that enables him to type and use his computer using his eyes. He has provided us with the inspiration for ACMIL and continues to be a chronic source of positive energy and a vital member of our team.