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© 2011 Rising from Tahrir All Rights Reserved
© 2011 Rising from Tahrir All Rights Reserved

Chapter Thirteen

We Are All Khaled Saeed

Mother Mary in Islam

Layla Marzouk's Home on the Night of the Abdication

Layla Marzouk the Night before the Abdication

Layla Marzouk's Role in Revolution:

Layla Marzouk Encourages Youth to Start a Revolution and Join in on the 25th of January(Translation Coming Soon)

Layla Marzouk Urges Youth to Stand Strong on the Friday of Anger(Translation Coming Soon)

Khaled Saeed: Background

Al Jazeera Report (2010 right after the tragic killing of Khaled Saeed)

The Video that Khaled Uploaded that Exposed Sidi Gaber Police's Corruption

Activists Perform Funeral Prayers for Khaled Saeed and Participate in Mass Protest After

Activist Video for Khaled Showing Family Pictures and Mourning Vigils in the Streets

2010 Video: Interview with Doorman from the Scene of the Crime (Translation Coming Soon)

A Detailed Report with Footage from Crime Scene (Translation Coming Soon)

Khaled Saeed Trial